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This is the ongoing story of an Englishman discovering American craft beers. Being a traditional English real ale bore with friends to match, I admit to coming over with some trepidation, having heard that all American beers were, in the words of Eric Idle, “fucking close to water”.

My experiences with American beers in the UK were enough to give me nightmares of beer withdrawal – Budweiser, Schlitz and Coors being indistinguishable in my taste from chilled cat widdle.  As for “Bud Lite” and its many brethren, I hesitated to even mention them in the same breath as the word “beer”.  I found myself searching for a fountain, not of youth, but of malt and hop and flavour. Unlike Ponce de Leon, I found what I was searching for, as  I came to learn that the US has hidden and delightful surprises.

So read, enjoy and feel free to comment – as with all blogs, it relies on your feedback. Feel free to come back and enjoy the remainder of the mystery tour through the wide world of beer. Cheers!

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