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Boddingtons Pub Ale

29 March, 2009 1 comment
Boddingtons Pub Ale

Boddingtons Pub Ale

So here, for me, is a real blast from the past – one of the top best-selling beers in the UK, if my sources are correct. Not that I ever drank much of it, any more than I drank Watney’s Red Barrel when that was one of the Top Three. I remember the Boddington name more from their 1990s TV adverts than from their beers (an example of their ads you can currently find here).

Then last night, I was offered a Boddy’s, so I stuck my neck out and thought I’d give it a whirl. When it arrived and I saw the can, I had one of those shuddery, scrotum-tightening moments (apologies, ladies, I know of no female equivalent), as I never was much of a fan of canned beers. Still, in for a penny, in for a pound. I managed to down it, and herewith are my thoughts on the beer they call “The Cream of Manchester”. Read on… Read more…

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