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Wolaver’s Organic Brown Ale

23 March, 2009 Leave a comment
Wolaver's Brown Ale

Wolaver's Brown Ale

So here’s one of those beers that surprised me greatly. Mostly it did so because it was described as an “English-style brown ale”, and for me, it didn’t turn out like that. Poured from the bottle into a 16-ounce glass, it starts with a promising head and a good colour, but it was the wrong colour for me! The reddish-amber took me back a little – it honestly looked like a dark bitter, and that did have an effect on my expectations.

I took it out of the fridge, where it had been chilling for about half an hour, and poured it slowly into the glass. The lacy head was quick to form, and the beer was clear and bright. I took my time drinking down the first two-thirds,  as I tend to do, and it revealed itself as an easy-drinking brew. The first impression is the nose of hops and fruit, and the light texture. There’s a hoppy flavour, just a little bit of sweetness and with a hint of walnuts, caramel. Somewhere in there, I also got hints of blackcurrants and ripe plums. This especially true as the beer warms a little, the warmer flavours come through the hoppiness of the first taste.

The head soon passes and the whole is a very pleasant drink, and yet I couldn’t get away from my initial impression that this was going to taste like an English Bitter. Having grown up with the examples of Newcastle Brown and Riggwelter, I’d have expected deeper hues to match the depth of the flavour. Still, it more than passes muster, with a “B” grade.

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